Erotic Massage Madrid

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Erotic massage redefined to a new state of the art

Welcome to a new experience!

Our main target will be to guide you through your senses to a new experience, redefining you erotism concepts, sharing this walk is not for evreyone, are you ready?.


Our erotic massage with spanish masseuses service is always faced looking to find the best client experience, looking for a complete satisfaction, to reach this target our masseuses become experts on our intense trainings in lingam massage, nuru massage and soapy massage.

As a counterpoint to such sweetness, we added a spicy touch, this is is delivered on it greatest exponent on our special massage “50 shades”, on this experience you will have the chance to open yourself to a new and exciting experience, always with a total satisfaction guarantee.

Passive Massage

Our erotic passive massage is designed so that you can get to know our centre, our services, and above all, our incredible team, these girls will take you to the limit of insanity, of course, this massage is only passive, this means that there will be a limit, the interaction with them, but you will always have the option of reaching the next level, can you resist?.

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50 Shades (Highly Erotic)

Let yourself be taken to the wildest and exotic side, by the hand of our expert masseurs in this type of more special massages, more daring than the classic erotic massage, an erotic massage with a leather smell, with toys, different from usual and with a incredible sensuality, let yourself be tortured a little, you will surely take a second round!.

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Duo Sensations (Couple Massage)

Our erotic massage for couples, or Duo Sensatios, is designed for those who have a special connection with their partner, and want to expand that connection, and thus share it with other people, in this massage, which can be performed by one or two erotic masseuses The lingam tantric massage techniques will be performed for him, such as yoni massage for her.

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Jacuzzi & Massage (Massage with Jacuzzi)

Our erotic massage with Jacuzzi, is one of the greatest exponents in the area of ​​relaxing erotic massage, we are also the only center in Madrid that has a real Jacuzzi in its facilities, which provides a totally different feeling to the existing whirlpools in Most locals.

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Mutual Sensations (Mutual Massage)

Our Mutual Sensations erotic massage is designed from beginning till the end to awaken your senses and take them to the limit, through tantric massage and lingam massage techniques, performed with the high degree of eroticism that characterizes our masseurs, this massage will make you enjoy intensely Until the last minute.

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Nuru Massage (Nuru and Soapy Massage)

If you have already enjoyed our receiving massages or mutual massages, we propose a new experience, in our nuru massage, made with the authentic Nuru gel, extracted from the Nori seaweed, this gel provides an incredible silky sensation, making the erotic massage a new experience , say to be experienced at least once in this life.

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Double Pleasure (4 hands Massage)

If you think that there is nothing more exciting than the hands of an erotic masseuse crossing your skin with the soft sensation that the oil brings, you are very wrong, our Double Pleasure massage, performed synchronously by two of our incredible masseurs, will take you to the limit of reality, do you dare to try it once?.

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Our Offers

We have a wide variety of offers, among which you can surely find an excellent excuse to come to visit us, but be careful, our offers have limits and rules, review them and find the one that best suits you.

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