Come for your lingam massage…

Lingam is a Sanskrit word used to call the penis and translates as “Staff of Light” .

In Tantra philosophy, we approach lingam massage with great love and respect, in the same way we do with the yoni or vagina. The yoni massage could be considered the equivalent of lingam massage , but only performed on women.

When you give pleasure to your partner through your “light wand”, Your penis is charged with powerful energy. It is an exchange conscious of giving and receiving pleasure.

Much of Tantra sacred sexuality consists in learning to love the penis and not being afraid of it. Our masseuses feel totally comfortable honoring your penis, through this exquisite lingam massage.

In what area of ​​your body does a lingam massage focus?

A Lingam massage is a tantric sexual practice focused on massage your penis . Lingam massage involves not only massage and caress it, but it can also incorporate more advanced techniques, which include massage to the testicles, the perineum and prostate. 

The purpose of this type of massage is to try to make you feel more and more pleasure that will later become waves of multiple orgasms, during the duration of the massage. 

This massage is a practice that Honor your penis and everyone who has it. The idea is give them pleasure.There is a huge amount of sexual energy or chi on a man’s penis and learn to stimulate it and circulate that energy, it is very powerful . 

The statues of the god Shiva Lingam, represent a state of meditation. & nbsp; But for ancient tantric practitioners, this had a secret meaning: that this powerful energy of God was in the penis, which was thought to contain the essence more male concentrated in one place. 

Think about it this way: sacred sex tries to get closer to your body couple as if it were a temple and your penis, as the most sacred of all.

With the Tantric Lingam Massage , you can learn to:

  • Control ejaculation
  • Channel sexual energy
  • Prolong sexual intercourse

You want enjoy a video before reading further?

How our masseuses will perform a delicious lingam massage

The Lingam massage will be made by the chosen masseuse through the tantric masturbation, following the steps below:

1. She will encourage you to relax

You will lie on your back on the massage table. You may like a pillow under your head or hips. Your legs should be separated with knees bent, so that the Massage therapist has easy access to all parts of your genitals. Take a deep breath. This will help you relax more deep.

2. Lubricate and massage the areas around your penis.

She will use a massage oil to lubricate the base of your penis and the testicles. Start by sliding your hands up and down the thighs before reaching the good… 

Then she will pass to the testicles to gently massage them. Will take them carefully in her hands and will stimulate them to give you much pleasure.

She will massage also the area around the testicles and the penis (that is, the pubic bone in the front, the inner part of the thighs and the perineum, which is the area between the testicles and the anus).

3. She will massage the axis of your “Staff of Light”

Once she have excited the areas around your lingam, it will will move towards the shaft of the penis. & nbsp; Here you will be free to make several tricks that will give you pleasure:

  • She will grab your penis strong or soft, varying the intensity
  • She will stimulate it masturbating from top to bottom and alternating with rotating movement
  • She can caress your penis with one or two hands
  • The speed will go from slow to fast. she will start slowly and then will increase at a faster rate, then she will go back down to a slow speed. She will then alternate pressure, speed, The rhythm and the methods. Have you ever heard that in the variety is the taste? Here we can say that in the “rhythm” is the pleasure.

What will the massage therapist do when using both hands?

Will do quite hot movements for you:

  • Your two hands will hold your penis in the same direction with your fingers pointing in the same way.
  • One hand can hold your penis to one side and the other hand to the other
  • Both hands move up and down at the same time. The lubricant will help a smoother glide.
  • The lower hand moves up and down while the upper hand will make a “whirlpool”, that is, a turn in the glans of your “light wand”

4. Your masseuse will delay your ejaculatory orgasm

At this point, you could be very excited and wanting to want ejaculate. & nbsp; But your masseuse will be very attentive to postpone that moment. Not because I’m an evil girl, but on the contrary, just will want to extend your pleasure time.

This is a walnut-sized gland located between your bladder and the penis. When stimulated well, it gives very sensations nice.

5. She will stimulate your prostate

This is a walnut-sized gland located between your bladder and the penis. When stimulated well, it gives very nice sensations.

Your masseuse will be able to access your prostate either internally (inserting your fingers or a prostate massage sex toy in the anus) or externally (massaging the outside without entering their fingers)

Your masseuse will start out. It will look for a middle groove path between the testicles and the anus. will gently push in. Be careful and go slowly.

She can massage you using circular movements. Recall that in the prostate is the male P spot (equivalent to the female G spot)

She can also stimulate your prostate inside, as long as you you want. That means that your masseuse will be able to enter your fingers through the anus to locate it first, since it is located about 5 centimeters from it.

Once there, she can gently stroke it by moving her finger from side to side, up and down, or “milking it” with a rhythmic movement with her fingers.

She may also use a prostate massager toy.

6. End of massage…

To end the massage, you can reach the climax with a very happy ending or you can decide to save that energy from your staff of light.

This type of massage is an incredible erotic experience that you should come to try with our Spanish erotic masseurs , they will convince you that men can also be multiorgasmic…